HYPNOTHERAPY Book Study Group on Zoom (24 hr) 2 hr/wk 12 wks

   Join Cheryl and Larry Elman plus guests

       for the inaugural Dave Elman's



We are told regularly that this book is read and re-read by Hypnotists Globally.  Imagine how much you will gain through discussion and sharing experiences with other professionals. 


We with will discuss 2 chapters per week,

  + 2 hours per week, for 12 weeks =(24 hours class time)

Top speakers will come to add to the discussion of their specialties.


          Friday        8 pm to 10 pm EST   

          Saturday   10 am to 12 pm +   AU Time


     5/22   (AU 5/23)    through  - 8/7   (AU 8/8)


Limited class size of 20 will ensure interactivity of participants


Classes will be recorded and posted each week for your review or if you cannot make it.


   $480.00     Save $240  (50% off)   Just $240.00   

              Sign up today because this 1st class will fill up fast!

                  What a value-  just $10/hr of class time.



Larry and Cheryl are excited about offering thisBook Study Course for the Dave Elman Hypnotherapy Book.  It will be a total of 24 hours of classroom time - 2 hours per week for 12 weeks. +++++++ bonus additional 1/2 hour breakout Practice or discussion each week!    (additional optional 6 hours)    
             30 hours of face-to-face fun



Each class will cover 2 chapters of the book, include discussion on the topics covered in the chapters plus how this blends with some of today's techniques.  Besides the discussions, there will be combinations of:


  •  Zoom Breakout Room Practices
  •  Lectures 
  •  Global Guest Speakers presenting on their specialized areas
  • Demos
  •  a bonus 1/2 hour extension after each class for people to practice or continue discussions in Break out rooms, 
  • Dave Elman recordings on a variety of topics.
  • interactive discussions
  • Work around for using the internet for your sessions
All Classes will be recorded and posted for you to review or if you cannot make it to a class.

                   Need the Hypnotherapy book?

You can order it here on our site and receive a surprise bonus downloaded recording.


We are offering Payment plans? 

$85/month for 3 months. 

Click here for 3 month payment setup.

Call Cheryl   252-432-2205 to arrange.


There is a line-up of participants  who have been waiting for this class to be posted.   

Great class to hone your skills and build your confidence.  













Dave Elman Hypnotherapy Book Study Course
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