SleepTalk® Foundation Coach Course

Become a SleepTalk Foundation Coach!

1 day course with Cheryl Elman... with support.

   One Course- Multiple Continents. 

       April 16th        (Eastern 5 - 11 pm)     ( Pacific  2 – 8 pm)  

       April 17th         Sydney/Melbourne    (  7 am-1 pm  )

                              New Zealand            (  9 am – 3 pm )


Become a SleepTalk® Foundation Coach!  You will present and guide parents or carers through the very first step (Phase One) of the amazing Goulding- SleepTalk® process. As you teach and support parents with your services and presentations,   they understand the  many benefits families receive from the Foundation Process.  As a coach, you can work with an individual family or it is highly conducive to expanding and presenting to groups of parents.

This first foundation phase, empowers parents to enhance their children’s emotional resilience, self-esteem & happiness.  SleepTalk Foundation builds better communication between family members- both parent-children and siblings.  Many families have found the SleepTalk Foundation statements create noticeable change and prepare families for the more advanced stages of the Goulding-SleepTalk process as needed.

As a Foundation Coach, you will be a welcomed speaker for organizations, churches, educational environments, and companies through their HR departments.  A happy, balanced family creates a valuable, productive employee. You will get a good foothold into expanding your hypnosis or counseling business.   

Many coaches decide to continue their education beyond this Foundation Course,  and become an  Accredited Goulding SleepTalk® Consultant.  As a Consultant, you work with families in a client-centered approach using a series of assessments, customization of suggestions, and further education of the parents to continue the process after the initial foundation phase.  The Consultant course will build onto this one.  If you choose to stay a Coach,  you can refer parents requiring assistance with the more advanced phases two and three of the Goulding Process to professional accredited Goulding SleepTalk® Consultants and Trainers.  

Come train with Cheryl J Elman, a Certified SleepTalk Trainer and who has worked with Joane Goulding, the originator of SleepTalk, since 2011.  

SleepTalk® Foundation Coach Course
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